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Markforged hat für jede Anwendung das passenden 3D-Drucksystem: Vom Desktop-Drucker bis zum Industrie Hig-End-3D-Drucker, von Kunststoff bis Metall. Hierfür bietet Markforged eine komplette Cloud-Lösung geboten. Mit der, von Markforged entwickelten „Eiger Software“ erfolgt die Kontrolle und Überwachung aller 3D-Drucker. Gleichzeitg ist die Software von überall zugänglich.

With Markforged high-strength and composite 3D printers comes an innovative, smart and highly scalable software platform. Eiger software is designed from the ground up to work with all of our printers: from desktop to industrial composites, to metal.

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The power of printing with Markforged is in the strength of the parts as well as the surface finish and precision. With Eiger software, adding our unique Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFF) for engineered strength is easy. But that’s just the beginning: with Eiger, you have the scale to manage all your prints and dozens or hundreds of printers from anywhere in addition to continually improving capabilities for advanced engineering and production printing.

Add up to 10X Strength with the Push of a Button

Eiger adds selective fiber reinforcement to your part for 3D printing on a Markforged machine. Through powerful fiber routing and slicing intelligence, the software is easy to use with a toggled “Use Fiber” option but allows for a granular level of control when needed.

Performance that Improves with Time

Because Eiger is in the Cloud, your Markforged experience gets better and better, thanks to regular improvements to the platform from our software team. The next time you log in, you’ll see a notification in Eiger of the update and be on your way.
In addition, Eiger utilizes cloud based slicing, so it can handle large files even while you are working in other programs with Eiger’s window minimized.

Control and Monitor all Printers in One Place

We give you the power to manage your organization’s network of Markforged printers and printable files with Eiger. Whether you have one printer or one hundred, our integrated system makes it easy to monitor prints and check print status all in one simple tool.
Every Markforged printer can connect via Ethernet or WiFi, meaning you can access your printer from anywhere via Eiger. Our printers will email you with low material warnings, job completion messages, and more so that you are up to date on the status of your print.

Easy to Use

Easily control the strength and quality of your prints with Eiger. Just import your CAD file and slice it for high strength printing. No need for days of training or a dedicated 3D printing technician. Any engineer can be up and running in minutes.

Never Lose a Print

Eiger acts as a file management system for all your printing files, allowing you to sort designs into specific projects. This allows you to easily find, edit, and update designs. All designs are saved in the cloud, so no files are lost, even if your computer crashes.
Don’t worry about accidentally overwritten or deleted files on a local corporate storage system. Version history is built in.

Clean Interface

Our software handles all the temperature, speed, and control settings – we’ve done all the work to optimize printer performance, meaning that you don’t have to.


Eiger is organization based, so you can give anyone on your team access to the program. Easily share files with your teammates for collaboration and make suggestions or edits to improve their designs remotely.


Markforged takes the security and privacy of all your data very seriously.

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